IELTS, Cambridge, Academic,Business, ESL,Conversational, TOEFL


we provide IELTS, Cambridge, Academic,Business, ESL,Conversational, TOEFL

San Diego English School has more than 30 years of experience in teaching English by certified teachers, 80% of whom have earned a masters degree in various fields of academia. Students from around the world call San Diego English School their home away from home. We are recognized and accredited by various language industry associations from across the globe. An education from SDES will put you above the rest whether it's with a prospective employer or personal life. We offer small class sizes, that average between 7 and 10 students per class. The smaller size allows teachers to give you a one-on-one approach and address specific learning needs. It also creates long lasting relationships between fellow students and teacher-student bonds. New classes start every week so you're able to join classes with ease. If you feel you're ready to move up to the next level, our curriculum makes it easy to do so with a simple level-up exam and a new class beginning each week. Our teachers are certified with the highest English teaching credentials, in addition to Bachelor of Arts degrees and Masters degrees. As stated above, 80% of our teachers have earned a masters degree in various fields ranging from English to Business.Business English General English


San Diego English School offers a large range of courses and programs suited for each students’ proper level. 
San Diego English School also offers test preparation courses including TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and GRE.

We provide our language training service in two different locations  at beautiful nearby oceanside La Jolla campus  and attractive DownTown San Diego  campus.


San Diego English School introduced its new modern facilities with a large student lounge which includes a 100″ projection TV, quality sound system, comfortable furniture, full kitchen, and computers for students.


We are within walking distance to great nightlife, shopping, entertainment, attractions, and the beach! Our campus offer Fun Activities each week that you’re encouraged to join in. Free Activities happen each Tuesday and are a great way to meet other students and practice your English while seeing the sights. We also offer paid activities like the Zoo, weekend trips to nearby cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, and surfing lessons. Activities can be prepaid or booked once you’re at SDES.

IELTS, Cambridge, Academic,Business, ESL,Conversational, TOEFL

<span style="color: #ffffff;">IELTS, Cambridge, Academic,Business, ESL,Conversational, TOEFL</span>


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