Cambridge Test Prep

CAMBRIDGE CAE / CPE / FCE package(20 lessons -15 Hours / week)

  • $3300 /10 weeks package
  • Starts: Mar 11, ,Jun 07, Aug 18, Nov 29
  • No Require I-20

  • Exam Date
  • FCE : Fri 11 Mar,Tue 07 Jun,Thu 18 Aug,Tue 29 Nov
  • CAE : Sat 12 Marr,Wed 08 Jun,Fri 19 Aug,Wed 30 Nov
  • CPE : Wed 30 Nov,Thu 09 Jun,Thu 01 Dec

Program Info
  • Levels : Beginner - Intermediate
  • Class Size : 7-10 Students
  • Hours : 20 Lessons (15 Hours per week)

Program Description

We offer the FCE and CAE exam preparation courses throughout the year. The minimum level is upper intermediate for the FCE and advanced for the CAE exam preparation course.

Cambridge exam courses have an average of 7, a maximum of 10 students per class. We keep our classes small so that your teacher can work with you to prepare you for the final examination, using the best tools suited to your learning style.

Teachers will monitor your progress throughout the course, making sure you're progressing and ready for the exam. The examination is recognized by Universities, employers and national education authorities in hundreds of countries as proof you meet their required standards in the English language.

Every year more than 2 million people worldwide take the exam in order to improve their employment prospects, to seek further education, and to prepare yourself for travel and opportunities abroad. Please note that we have specific starting dates for our Cambridge courses: